Rivages haute résolution, définition de la zone intertidale

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Pêches et Océans Canada

Les utilisateurs aimeraient avoir accès aux ensembles de données sur les rivages à haute résolution afin qu'ils puissent commencer à créer d'autres produits, y compris l'évaluation de la vulnérabilité à l'égard de dangers côtiers (p. ex., SLR, OA, et débris marins) pour toute la côte Ouest du Pacifique, y compris les États-Unis. Les États-Unis ont des données sur ce littoral. Il serait bien si le Canada en avait aussi.

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AGSherin - 23 juillet 2013

This data set was at the top of the list at the recent Marine Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MGDI) discussion group at CoastGIS in Victoria. Three comments: Will the Canadian shoreline be compatible with the US shoreline? Why only the Pacific Coast? The status of "in progress" is not sufficient, an anticipated data of availability should be included.

open-ouvert - 06 août 2013

DFO’s Canadian Hydrographic Service and NRCan’s Geodetic Survey Division are in the process of creating and validating a set of low and high water surfaces for all Canadian Waters. NRCan’s Mapping Information Branch has an active project that is looking at increasing the accuracy, utility and access of their elevation data, which can be used to create an accurate digital elevation model (DEM). When combined, shorelines and the intertidal zone can be defined nationally. For a number of reasons, US and Canadian water datums are set differently; discussions with our American counterparts are underway to address this issue. A date for the completion of a National high resolution shoreline defining the intertidal zone is not yet available; however, regionally, a number of high and low water shorelines have been defined based on charts and field sheets, and can be licensed from DFO.

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