Répertoire des codes postaux canadiens

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Postes Canada

La base de données des codes postaux relie les codes postaux aux emplacements géographiques exprimés dans une fourchette de coordonnées de longitude et de latitude ou d’adresses.

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Drew - 12 mars 2018

What are you guys doing over there? I know flex-days are fun, but maybe do some work, the kind of work which the people who pay YOUR salaries require to do their jobs where a) they can't get away with such shoddy work b) make 1/2 as much as you do.

Kathy - 11 mars 2018

Now that there is no longer a hard copy I would like to have an online postal code directory

Sam - 22 février 2018

Is there any update on this database? It definitely would help out a lot of people, with various issues.

Scott D. - 14 février 2018

a spatial layer representing postal code prefix areas in Ontario would be extremely beneficial for the generation of educational mapping products.

Michael Ross - 09 février 2018

The Province of BC needs a representative point in the correct block on the correct side of the block for each postal code (down to the LDU). We need to determine an approximate location when a citizen enters a postal code into a Province of BC application. We don't intend to assign postal codes to addresses!

Geoff - 18 janvier 2018

This should be a priority - this is information the government has that would be immensely helpful both commercially and for educational purposes.

colekel - 09 janvier 2018

I need a list of all postal codes in Saskatchewan. Is this file available?

Cheryl Verhaeghe - 08 janvier 2018

Is there a shapefile available for Postal Codes. I am looking to create a map of Postal code regions in Alberta

Traci Schoenradt - 05 janvier 2018

Can I get a list of all 6 digit postal codes with corresponding city for each Canada province. I need this to map our growing Sales organization for sales territories.

Wayne Yang - 04 janvier 2018

definitely needed.
I am finding that most mapping software including Google Maps/Earth requires the Long and Lat coordinates.
Having the postal code will not allow be to cluster and map the data points on a map cheaply.

Nitesh Dulal - 01 janvier 2018

I am building an app that helps them find nearby doctors.
Need the database of address so that i can verify the location.

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