Niveau d'activité ou de condition physique des Canadiens

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Statistique Canada

Jeux de données sur la santé et la condition physique décrivant le niveau d’activité ou de condition physique des Canadiens.

Publié en octobre 2014


abdisalaan faahiye - 19 septembre 2017

I need to get refugee australia visa pleas helpe me iam handicap pleas helpe me iam somali pleas helpe me

open-ouvert - 19 septembre 2017


I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, including historic statistics on immigration and visa applications, but we do not deal with these services directly.

I would recommend you contact UNHCR Canada for assistance:

You can go to the following website to learn more about immigration:
Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada:
Refugees and Asylum:

Here is how they can apply to become refugees:

You can email your local IRCC office for direct help:

I hope this helps.

Warmest Regards,

The Open Government team

Azra - 16 février 2017

My name is Azra I'm in Canada since 2002 n I'm working here on n off I work so many places now I'm working as a hair stylist in a Salon.
Things that bother me always why so many departments of work invirment Canadian have to stands while they working even if there is no requirements of standing I under sm job need requrie standing bt still they should get chance to sit time to time there r thousands of ppl hv option to sit n do the work bt there is system that not allowing Canadian to be being healthy.
I recently visited to South Africa I saw ppl working in customer service they look stress free n was giving healthy smile to ppl then I realize the reason I they not standing they sitting n cashing out to customers. There r millions Canadian r going through different health issues back pain orthopaedic issues n lots of other health replated issues bt Canadian r getting push to stands while they working lots of men n women n youngsters r not able to stands 8 hours constant n some wherehouses n factories n other labour jobs places they not giving much options to workers for part time posditions any more and not even that they forcing ppl to work 12 hours this is fact going on every where n ppl not raising voice coz no one hv time n they thing no worth saying n complaining, lots of students not able to find part time jobs in factories n wherehouses n sm students hv to miss them classes to make money because they hv to work n no places offering part time jobs single moms having difficulties to find part time jobs so I want to know what human. Rights doing on this matter this is big issue about cacadian health n educational rights so ppl can be work n educates them self while working n singles mom can give more time to family n men's health will be improves .
My request to Huma in rights departments please we hv to think abt this n take great action so Canadian ppl be healthy n get peace full n healthy work invoirment
I hope my the step i took to write to Humain rights will become positive n bring benefit to all Canadian

open-ouvert - 17 février 2017

Hi Azra, thank you for your comment.

We acknowledge that appropriate working conditions promote a healthy work environment but we cannot assist you with your request here. This comment system is meant to address issues around the datasets and information posted on the site.

We recommend that you contact the Canadian Human Rights Commission to have your request addressed more directly. You can find their contact information at the following website:

I hope you find the assistance you are looking for.
Momin, Open Government team.

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