Liste des sociétés canadiennes exploitées à l’étranger

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Le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada

Une liste des sociétés canadiennes exploitées à l’étranger, y compris les pays dans lesquels elles se trouvent.

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Becca - 05 mars 2018

Hi there
I think we have the same question
I need to know Canadian companies that are based in South Africa
And I’m not winning are you?

Anyone work here? - 08 juillet 2017

Why is the Government of Canada unable to update this website or simply shut it down...over two years of inactivity on your part?

Hermann Banyong - 22 février 2017

Hello Sir,

Would you be kind enough to provide a list of Canadian companies based in the US. please.

Thank you in advance and kind regards,


open-ouvert - 22 février 2017

Hi Hermann, thank you for your comment.

Please note that this is a suggested dataset which is being reviewed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. We do not have a specific release date yet.

If your matter is urgent, please consider contacting the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service directly. Their contact information can be found here:

Thank you and I hope this helps.
Momin, Open Government team.

VicManuel - 19 décembre 2016

could you let us know about the list of Canadian companies abroad, especially in West Europe - Precisely in Germany, The Netherlands,Belgium and Luxemboug? and soon.

Brandon - 02 mars 2015

Hi there,

Any word on when/if this data is accesible to the general public? I would find it very useful as I work on a research project for my undergraduate studies in economics.

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