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Moi même et des centaines, voire des milliers de passionnés de la météorologie, aimerions que des données brutes de radars Doppler canadiens (réflectivité, vitesse et toutes les élévations) soient mises à la disposition du public, sans frais. C’est la pratique en vigueur au sein du National Weather Service aux É. U. et, grâce à cette pratique, il a été possible de créer une technologie tierce partie incroyable qui permet de sauver des vies lors de phénomènes météorologiques sévères.

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Simon - 08 décembre 2017

Is it possible to get historical data in a format that would allow us to pinpoint exactly where it is raining at a given time? Something like a shapefile or anything else than the GIF images would be great.

Dorian - 24 juillet 2017

I would love this. I'm trying to find a raw source of radar that I can pick up with a cellular data connection when I'm heading out into the wilderness or boating. Cell data in those areas are too slow to load entire pages, but a single image from radar would be immensely helpful.

Alex - 21 juillet 2017

Freedom of information act? Not sure if it applies here, but I would love to get access to this data. I am an emergency manager and I'd like to be able to keep an eye on summer storms as we are in tornado alley.

open-ouvert - 01 août 2017

Hi Alex,

The following information has been provided to us by the data owner:

The free radar data on the SMC open data server is GIF images. Information about this service is available here:

We also offer the North American radar mosaic via WMS geospatial web services:

The terms of use license for these products can be found here:

None of the above includes raw data. These, as well as various other products, are provided by a cost recovery service. As part of this service, we push data to the clients' FTP server and provide 24/7 service. The terms under which these products are provided are the same as those described in the license above.

Documentation on radar data formats can be found here:…

The documentation for radar products can be found at:…

For data wires, the following formats are available:

- GIF images (recent GIF data is available for free on the Datamart))
- Raw format IRIS

I hope this helps!
Momin, The Open Government team

Mike Dross - 09 avril 2017

Please make this data availalbe in standard NIDS formart as the NWS has done. It allows local government, businesses and the public to monitor severe weather using low cost or freely available apps that have been on the market for years. Since the radar network is funded by Canadian Tax Payer dollars it should be required that this data be made availble in real time as it currently does with the model data.

The U.S. has had this policy for many years and has allowed many people to get real-time radar on their phones an other apps.

Thank you.

Lance Tremaine - 04 août 2016

We don't even use the cell broadcast function in Canada to warn people. Some town will be wiped off the map by a tornado then will look back and say, coulda, shoulda.... I find the most accurate info is Twitter from amateur or pro storm chasers with access to Doppler.

Andrew Valencik - 16 octobre 2015

This would be very helpful in building important services for Canadian citizens. Please continue to support the Canadian Open Data efforts and provide us with access to the raw data from the Canadian weather radar network.

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