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Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada maintient une base de données consultable sur son site Web de plusieurs recensements canadiens historiques menés entre 1825 et 1916. La fonction de recherche est un outil précieux pour les généalogistes, mais pour la recherche sociale, il serait pratique d’avoir accès à des fichiers téléchargeables qui peuvent être importés dans un logiciel statistique.

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JMacKay - 20 janvier 2016

There seems to be no reason to not supply a downloadable dataset for historical Censuses -- especially given the existence of a web site that is already built off such a database. I have contacted Library and Archives Canada directly but I was told in an automated response to expect up to four weeks for just a reply.

I'm sure the department is resource constrained but this makes it all the more crucial that the information is released in a usable format for both the public and researchers. Understandably, Library and Archives Canada does not want people scraping their web site but this effectively denies researchers information in a timely manner. Given the demands on researchers, these unnecessary delays will encourage many to use data available elsewhere or ignore Canadian projects completely. This is the conclusion I'm beginning to come to in my own research.

I am completing a fellowship at the University of Oxford and I've had to forgo opportunities here to develop a project because of the lack of historical Census data. It seems a shame that our own public bureaucracy -- which I think is very often best in class -- is inadvertently creating artificial barriers for Canadian researchers wanting to do research about Canada.

open-ouvert - 21 janvier 2016

In response to your comment, Library and Archives (LAC) provides the following:

At this time, due to partnership agreements, it is not possible for LAC to make historical census records available via the Open Data portal.

A ce moment, en raison d’accords de partenariat, il n’est pas possible pour BAC de rendre accessible les dossiers historiques de recensement par l’entremise du portail de données ouvertes.

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