Divorce et prestations alimentaires

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Justice Canada

J'aimerais disposer d'une base de données sur le divorce, les pensions alimentaires pour enfants, les prestations alimentaires, l'identité des payeurs, depuis et pour combien de temps, le nombre d'interventions devant les tribunaux pour modifier des ordonnances de la cour, les incidences fiscales.

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open-ouvert - 18 juillet 2016

The following has been posted on behalf of the data owner:

"The description provided includes information that may be stored in a variety of different information sources that are maintained by many different federal and/or provincial jurisdictions within the country. No database exists that contains all the information requested. The Justice Department does have some sources of information that relate in part to this general topic, but all the data that we have contains personal information that is protected under the Privacy Act and cannot be disclosed or shared and is not permitted in the Open Data Portal. Justice Canada has not yet begun the work of determining whether it will be possible to strip out all personal information from our data sets and, if it is possible, whether we will be able to do so."

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