Compagnies qui font appel à la sous­traitance

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Industrie Canada

Liste des compagnies canadiennes qui font appel à des sous-traitants dans d'autres pays.


Connie Johnson - 15 décembre 2017

This is a huge problem for Canada. Large corporations are now outsourcing jobs that will definitely ruin our economy. I know of a company that has let over 75 employees go in the past year (engineers and draftsmen/women). They are using a company in India and were told that there are 500+ employees that are working for 1/3 what they are. This is going to affect not only our economy, but will trickle down to our colleges and universities - (there will be no need for these occupations if there are no jobs). This needs to stop as it is all to gain more $. US investment groups are opening businesses here because of the exchange rate. This is a serious problem that should not be ignored.

Frank McCrea - 07 novembre 2017

Can you send a list of the companies that engage foreign workers under a Statement of Work relationship to provide their services onshore in Canada

Iniobong Edet - 02 novembre 2017

Please i need a list of companies in Canada that recruit staff from other countries to work in Canada

open-ouvert - 21 août 2017

Hi Jane,

This is a suggested dataset page. Although a request was submitted to the data owner, the data is currently unavailable until the data owner is ready to release it.


The Open Government team

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