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Élections Canada

Élections Canada propose déjà un moteur de recherche où une personne peut repérer sa circonscription fédérale en entrant son code postal. Ce serait très utile si cette base de données était disponible dans un format comme Excel pour faciliter la recherche automatisée de compagnies, de personnes, etc.

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Roy - 29 septembre 2017

Has this information (full listing of postal codes for each electoral riding) been released as yet? If so, where can I find it?

Thank You!

Jean-Paul - 05 juin 2017

Pouvons-nous obtenir un fichier excel indiquant les code postaux et les circonscriptions fédérales s'y référant.


Ela - 28 avril 2017

Do you have any update on Jaime's request from February 2017. I am looking for that same information and it would be extremely helpful for the report I am writing.

Jaime - 01 février 2017

I am creating a report for the Government of Canada with a view by Electoral Riding depending on the postal code. The requested file with that information will be greatly useful not just for the people, businesses and, education that have already expressed this requirement, but as in this case, for the same Government of Canada.
Do you know where can we get that file?

open-ouvert - 01 février 2017

Hi Jaime, thanks for your comment. As of this moment, the appropriate department has been contacted regarding this dataset. We will post an update as soon as we have more information. Best of luck with your research. Momin, Open Government Team.

open-ouvert - 19 septembre 2016

Bonjour Christelle,

Voici le lien pour trouver votre député à l’aide de votre code postal:….

Voici aussi un autre lien d'Élections Canada:

Le nom de votre circonscription fédérale est Dorval--Lachine--LaSalle, Québec-- et Anju Dhillon est votre députée.

-Tasha, l'équipe du gouvernement ouvert

Therese Santostefano - 17 octobre 2015

Do you have an Excel worksheet by postal codes for all federal ridings?
Enjoy the day

Concerned Citizen - 31 juillet 2015

I agree. An excel spreadsheet with the 850,000 + postal codes linked to their federal ridings would be a bonus. Charging $892 for this information is a little rich. We all pay taxes.

Anonymous - 27 mars 2015

The link Ghislain provided is for the 2003 Representation Order (old ridings). The current data set is 2013 Representation Order and StatsCan wants $892 for it. Which is outrageous as it's required for elections.

Elections Canada and most political parties have access to it one postal code at a time so it should be possible to probe and get the whole data set over time. It's worth doing as the ridings will be the same until 2023.

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