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La base de données est déjà accessible en ligne et il suffit donc qu'elle soit ajoutée à votre catalogue. Elle peut être consultée par l'entremise de nombreux sites, dont celui ci-dessous, mais l'autorité comme telle est IC.$.startup

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JIM S - 16 mars 2018

I am not an amatuer operator but am trying to help an old friend.

Is there any way to find a call sign for a person who has not used it in many years. They're not even sure what the call sign was anymore.

open-ouvert - 20 mars 2018

Hi Jim,
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada would be happy to help you. Please contact the Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign team directly at 1-888-780-3333.

Jeremy from the Open Government team

Paul - 18 février 2018

HI, i just passed the basic exam and received an e-mail from Industry Canada with my Authorisation key.
I created an account and entered my Auth key, and selected a call sign. but I have no idea how to get back to that screen and see whats happening. I have looked in the available Call sign list and the one i selected is not available anymore ( i assume because i requested it), however, if I do a search on my name, address etc, or requested call sign nothing shows up.

how long does this process normally take?


open-ouvert - 28 février 2018

Hi Paul,

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada would be happy to help you. Please contact the Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign team directly at 1-888-780-3333.

Open Government team

Clair Bostwick - 12 janvier 2018

I am an advanced Amateur, call sign VE3BAC, and have been inactive for a few years now and have moved out of Ottawa to Kingston ON. I cannot find any trace of my call sign in your database. My account # on one of the last pieces of mail I received from IC is 49-020065235.
I have joined the Kingston Amateur Radio Club (KARC) and want to become active on the air in portable and mobile 2 Metre activities. Can you confirm that I still exist on IC's books?

Thank you,


open-ouvert - 16 janvier 2018

Hi Clair,

Thanks for the comment.

It shows that you are still active on the public database. Please go to the link below and enter your call sign. You can leave the other fields blank. Select ‘Search’ and you will see your call listed with your name and address information. If you click on your call sign, you will see your qualifications.$.startup

Jeremy from the Open Government Team

Dean Summers - 09 janvier 2018

Would like statistics , number of ham radio licenses in Manitoba, Sask, Alb, and BC currently issued in 2017
thank You

Ed Parks - 14 novembre 2017

I am a licensed amateur radio operator ve7kke.
My father was as well Ronald Parks ve7cvo he past away three years ago on November 10, 2014.
Is it possible to have his call sign ve7kke assigned to me?

Cesar Augusto <meza - 16 octobre 2017

Could you please, inform me where to go in order to to get a copy of my Ham Radio Operator License ? Thanks.

Harold Herbert Splett - 15 octobre 2017

I would like proof of my first call sign VE4AE in Manitoba maybe 60 years ago. It has been reassigned but I would like proof that I had it to be a licensed ham amateur operator so that I can join the Quarter Century Wireless Association. I need proof that I was licensed at least 25 years ago. Today I have a different active license but it does not go back 25 years to prove I have been a operator for at least that long

ve3vpf - 17 septembre 2017

i need a new copy of my worn out license , it only has a 9 digit number not 11 how do i get a copy of my license? please reply to [Removed to protect your privacy]

Renna Fernando - 31 août 2017

I tried searching my Certificate and my call sign it says it's not valid how do I find out what happened

Anonymous - 07 août 2017

My call sign IS: VE3.ZJT

I would like to update my profile. What part of the Gov page should I refer to to do this...Thanks DMW

Christopher Malone - 20 juillet 2017

Hello. I am an amateur radio operator with the call sign VA3CPM. However i am now living in new Brunswick. How do i change my call sign to a new Brunswick call sign.

Merv Hanchar - 29 mai 2017

Hello, could you please help me out? I would like to know the dates in which my 2 call signs were assigned to me please?
Thank you
Merv Hanchar

Mike Kelly - 19 juillet 2017

I can shed a bit of light on your call sign history
You had both in January 2000
Wikipedia ( says VA3 prefixes were added in 1995,
so you could not have VA3MRV before then anyway.
The time machine database of old calls says you didn't have either as of August 1995
This still leaves a 4 and a half year gap when you may have been issued one or both calls.
There should be an 11 digit "registration number" or certificate number on your certificate of proficiency in radio.
The first four digits are the year you were examined, which is typically the year your certificate was issued.
I hope this helps a bit.
- Mike Kelly, Wednesday volunteer at RAC HQ, rachq at rac (.) ca

Valerie Hertel - 26 mai 2017

I am looking to verify my Grandfathers call sign.
William Makin..I think it was VE3 IAP

Also looking for the call sign of a friends grandfather
Harvey Wice

Mike Kelly - 19 juillet 2017

The 1994 edition of the radio amateur callbook (from shows
VE3IAP William H Makin 58 Briggeport Rd. East, Waterloo On...

If you have any info as a starting point for the friend's grandfather, I will take a look to see what I can find out.

Mike Kelly RAC HQ Volunteer, Wednesdays rachq at rac (.) ca

Mike Kelly - 19 juillet 2017

There are two ways to do this, bottom up and top down.
From the top down, go to the downloads tab of the ISED amateur site
and grab the entire callsign database, then delete all but
From the bottom up, go to the amateur and club callsign search section of the same site$.startup
and enter each of the prefixes above with %%% after the prefix, ie VE1%%%
This, for example will generate a list of all the VE1 call signs currently assigned
Mike Kelly RAC HQ Volunteer Wednesdays, rachq at rac (.) ca

Juan Monico - VA7IE - 27 février 2017

Currently does not work. See result of search below:(search for VA7LG? or VE7LG?)

Not Found

The requested URL /APCXPROD/pls/apc_anon/query_avail_cs$.startup/query_avail_cs$callsign.actionquery was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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