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Small Entrprenours Incubation for Distressed

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Marco Taloni
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Canada has adopted many incentives in order to improve quality of work force, and invests funds in order to put back in the work force individuals who lost their jobs and have problems to get back into it. The sane development of small businesses is a key factor for the Canadian economy and we know that. We think how develop middle class, and low class, but the reality is that these days the path to succeed is much harder than before, and even for North American corporation it seems hard to compete, (see Toys'r us as example or Sears). How could it be much more complicated for a small self-employed who worked always as such and suddenly loses everything, and goes in social assistance, and his/her credit goes "delinquent", and piles a list up of collections? It can be filed bankruptcy yes, but that it won't help, if you are under-zero. Social Assistance programs, are not equipped enough in order to help those individuals, and even if they are very talented, and they would like to shine again, their financial situation, their credit, the actual business environment won't help adequately to start over, and they might succumb within their unresolved capabilities and the attempt of social assistance to put them in the track. SELF-EMPLOYED PEOPLE ARE A FUNDAMENTAL CONTRIBUTION INTO THE CANADIAN ECONOMY. And this "small little" fishes, often involve toward the international market, as well. Social Assistance and Social Support Programs are not sufficient to protect this category. My idea is that the government should invest funds to create more efficient infrastructures in order to implement adequate support. SUPPORT: it means non just money, but by a powerful and competent program capable to put back those people were they belong and make them start to produce revenue again, and pay taxes. There are several associations , and institution such as TORONTO ENTERPRISE for instance, they have support in terms of consultation and suggestions and help to move forward, and who is in distress under social assistance can go to seek help. BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH. A suitable program, something useful, than assist the self-employed individuals to actually build their business and FLANKING them also financially, with a proper coordination, of high professionalism, and with a planned and controlled program is needed. A Self-Employed individual can generate a substantial financial flow within the Canadian economy and also contribute to create jobs; it will be a doubled effect for the Canadian Economy. BUT, cannot be done in so simplistic way, but needs a truly well structured and efficient plan and organization. MY NAME IS MARCO TALONI, I have been Small Business Developer for more than 30 years, in Canada, Europe, Thailand. I am ready to contribute or to lead this project of Advanced Social Assistance, calling it in such way. ***Removal of Personal Information***

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