Strategy.: Growing Middle Class

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Your government has promised to bring back fairness for middle class family. This has given me a sense of hope and optimism. This optimism is fading as I feel being left behind. The plan did not impact me to fulfill that very Canadian dream to get a good job and a great futur for my kids.
I recommend that:
(1) The creation of a  federal pool for  current and aspiring Middle class families.
(2)The Hiring process should take into  consideration the qualification of candidates, their  current incomes and the impact of getting a descent job will have on reducing poverty and increasing Middle Class.  All level of federal government HR services must be trained and given a targeted  percentage of Middle Class families this governement plans to reach by 2020.
 (4) CRA may be asked to provided financial information of the  applicant subject  to his/her consent to asscertain  candidates' information.

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