Current and Projected costs of First Nations to Canada

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Canada needs to be open to its taxpayers on the current and project costs of settlements with First Nations and Inuit peoples and also stop giving them a tax free life...aren't we all equal in Canada...apparently as it comes to taxes not so!!!

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Soumis par Bryon White le lun 12/03/2018 - 13:55

I don't believe there's an existing formula dealing with an indigenous people after their country has been invaded, pushing expelling them off their land and re-settling them in remote regions, where there is little arable land, and few resources to develop a healthy and modern community; and then removing their children from their parents' homes, without their permission, in an effort to make them lose their heritage and beliefs and then say, "aren't we all equal?" We are not equal. We have equal rights, and laws that we all must abide by, but some are not given an equal foundation nor equal opportunity. Have we not created extra supports for those with disabilities so they can lead better lives? If we are parents, might we be called upon to assist one child who is disadvantaged, or in trouble, more than the others who are not? So, too, is it with government. Government is managed, not like a company, but more like a socially and financially responsible family; but not even entirely like that. It's unique. However, when children and families are abused or mistreated, and not given equal opportunities for employment, nor a healthy, secure life, there is bound to be dysfunction - in any home - in any country - with anyone. Looking at the evidence of Aboriginal history and social dynamics, we clearly see more suicides amongst their young, mistreatment of women by beaten, downtrodden and messed up men, many who bury their sorrows with alcohol. They are still apart of our Canadian mosaic and landscape. As a caring society, we must look at one another as brother's and sisters, irregardless of who we are, and reach out to help them, as we would in our own families, to help re-build their lives and communities and heal their emotions and psyche. We need to create a healthy planet. They say that "a person's emotions are the on-off switch to motivation," and so, if we citizens, with the leadership of our government, can help these people heal, grow and thrive, then we must. I believe that we need to provide them with the scaffolding and supports that they need until they can be completely independent, as any child and adults should, and feel safe that when their sons and daughters walk our streets, they will not be abused, harassed or murdered. We need to heal emotions so that they no longer need crutches to hold up their broken, victimized hearts. When we do it right, this time, we can remove those supports because most Aboriginal can stand on their own, and no longer have to feel like a victim. I support the healing of these people, whose land and culture was taken from them - to help them integrate into this society, without abandoning their cultural roots - and to help them, as we help members of our families, friends, and all people, to thrive on their own and continually be their authentic, and independent selves.
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