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Jane Arscott - 31 juillet 2017

Congratulations on the Tracker, Sarah.

The Open Government initiative exemplifies the complexity of public policy the federal government has to address in the 21st century.

As someone who attended the Open Data Summit 2017, and an academic employed at Canada's first Open University I am following Canada's involvement in the Open Government Partnership with great interest for the global influence Canada can have in all things Open. Like Donald Savoie (2015), I agree with him that Canada's federal government is good at making visionary investments, promoting innovation, addressing wicked problems and managing complex regulatory regimes. Open Government certainly seems to fit that profile!

As a feminist scholar Commitments 19 to 21 are of particular interest to me due to their potential to modernize policy-making and policy implementation.

Could you provide some guidance as to where to locate women and gender analysis in the schema? I seem to be unable to navigate the site so as to locate keywords.

The Fourth Biennial Plan under development may already address feminist aspects of the work to date and going forward, after the OGP received criticism at its last Summit on this score. Canada is well placed to lead in addressing this shortfall, which it can do through its leadership of the OGP in the next three years.
I collaborate with a team of feminist scholars who I am encouraging to engage with Open Government as a vehicle for the collective voice and agency of women globally.