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Gillian - 13 août 2018

As someone who has been following Canada's OG progress since 2014 - the key issue that appears is the lack of continuity between each plan - how does the 2014-2016 plan translate to the 2016-2018 and then onto the 2018-2020. Where is the vision? Where are the common themes? In reporting back, sometimes GC reports against the OG plans from 2014-2016 and sometimes its from 2016-2018.

In addition, the mid-session report clearly referred to the need for findability- the open government portal needed to make it easier to find content. There is no context provided but a loose collection of random datasets and documentation not related to Gov's mandate. Surely - information on portal should be directly relatable to the Gov's mandate, and even to 'top tasks'. However the key performance measure seems to have been quantity, rather than quality. The result is that the site is one of 'open washing' and there does not appear to be anything in the 2018-2020 plan to address this.