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Janet Hudgins - 03 août 2018

Good to see this. I hope it opens this heretofore untouchable subject and exposes the damage done by almost all aspects of neoliberalism, certainly public services. Universities have had to beg for money from the private sector after the feds severely cut funds and the likes of Goldcorp has wormed its way into higher education. Health services have suffered equally and questionable corporate money is influencing such as curriculum and hospital facilities. Governments have aggressively withheld our tax money for our social services for the past 25 years without ever telling us of their intentions or the tenets they were practicing: deregulation and privatization, while rerouting these funds to big business until now big business owns government...and we let them do it to us. Had any politician of any stripe ever said out loud that they were a practicing neoliberalist they would never have been elected because we are and have always intended to be a welfare state. No one ever asked us if we wanted to radically change to a non-democractic system, they lied by omission and just did it, and we let politicians and big business have their way with us. So the more this is talked about, written about, broadcast, and exposed, the better.