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Nader Ahmadi - 13 mars 2018

Regarding your recent inquiry, I would like to share my ideas with you as a medical doctor who has been working in the health system for 20 years. I have done many studies, researches and best practices. I have studied about Canadian health system from last six months, simultaneously with my arrival to Canada. What I have done about Canadian health system can be mentioned as a non-systematic review.
First of all, achievements of the Canadian government are admirable in providing such an easy and comprehensive access to the most important, valid, and reliable information of the country. The transparency of your policies is completely visible on your websites.
Now let me share the results of my assessment, the most important goals are:
1. Reviewing the challenges of the Canadian Health System
2. Finding appropriate strategies to resolve concerns.
Also referring to some of the reports –submitted by various sections of Canada health system— is necessary in order to reach to the goals.
Despite all of the high academic standards, it seems that some of the indicators lack an acceptable level, including:
1. Emergency room waits continue to increase. Click here
2. Inadequate coverage of primary health care in Canada. Click here
3. Low level of health literacy in Canada. Click here
4. Limitation of Human resources and budget. (especially Nurses)
5." the increasing patient demand for a greater role in decisions affecting their care and treatment.
6. the increasing complexity of the healthcare system.
7. the growing perception that patients need to be active health care “consumers.” Click here
8. Patients waited 4 weeks or longer to see a specialist. Click here"
9. Change in the pattern of diseases and the shift of diseases from communicable to non- communicable (increased of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, addiction, weight gain, pulmonary disease, etc.)
It seems the health management model in Canada needs to be reconsidered in the following areas:
1. More emphasis on primary health care and services in accordance with health problems and concerns.
2. Further development of active services against passive care and services, as well as increasing prevention services against hospital services.
3. In addition to providing patients with good quality services, paying more attention to maintain health in sound people (such as implementing health literacy promotion programs and ...).
At the end, regarding scientific and statistical findings, the current management model needs fundamental changes to satisfy more people and increase the percentage of people satisfaction. And in the new model, the role of people in guiding health plans should be emphasized more and more.