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Nicole - 09 mars 2018

In addition to generic "contact us" email addresses, I think it would be great if there was an easily accessible contact list for government of Canada employees (or alternatively, just job descriptions of people within each department), which would include; name, work email, telephone #, office address, job title, and perhaps a short description of each person's mandate, purpose, responsibility, what-have-you .. so that people seeking support, advice or help could easily discern who they should potentially be contacting, or even learn about support persons that outsiders (or maybe even government of Canada employees) didn't even know existed. The Government of Canada is vast and employs so many people, there is no one contact person within the government who is aware of all potential avenues a person seeking help may take, and so creating and making available such a list of employees and/or job descriptions to the public could help those seeking services or help to direct their inquiries appropriately. A public that is aware of who is employed by the government and how those people might help them, will be empowered to reach out and perhaps pursue more collaborative efforts. It could even be helpful for employees of Canada, to know about their colleagues' work.