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Emily Best - 30 décembre 2017

I am very worried about the health and social service programs which are severely depleted in the area I live and in Toronto where my son lives. I am worried about services for our Native Canadians, Indian and French English descendants of early settlers. These families made Canada great with their religious and moral values. Now their descendants have less access to these services and their familial ideals are not being upheld. Please don"t allow so many refugees in that we can"t look after our own family. Why not put our aid into the countries where they are fleeing from. Talk to the homeless in Toronto on the streets who cant get housing but say the refugees get priority. Talk to my neighbors who can't get into hospital because the beds are full. First we take care of our own and then we give aid to those hurting around the world who are mostly happier in their own culture. We have a real problem in Canada.