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Amanda Bernardo - 16 février 2019


Apologies for not replying sooner given that this Expo has passed. Our website indicated that the expo was taking place on February 11 from 9:00am to 4:00pm (standard time for all expos unless otherwise specified) in the lobby of the Jean Talon Building. If your department's Corporate Services Branch advertised otherwise, we apologize that the correct information did not make it's way to you.

Our team is committed to working in the open and had advertised these events on January 11 in an effort to provide notice to public servants to attend. We very much want the feedback of all public servants.

To clarify, our Team is not responsible for Phoenix and feedback was not being sought on the current system per say but rather on three possible solutions that we are assessing as part of our agile procurement.

We are working on enhancing our communications in future to ensure public servants can participate and provide their feedback. Please check back to our website for future updates.

Thank you,
Amanda, Senior Advisor NextGen