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Our mission is to be the data socialization platform not only for organizations and businesses, but also for communities, cities and people of all walks of life. Business intelligence created from data is still limited to the business world. The transformation that has taken place in open data has brought to light a great deal of data for us, the people, around the world. We want to energize data and level the playing field for everyone, which will truly transform us into smart societies.

Tegzia is a data analytics management platform. It allows you to build, transform, and visualize data pipelines, all from a single interface. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and open data, Tegzia will be at the forefront of providing you with a seamless overview of a vast amount of data and enabling you to analyze it. Modern businesses and communities produce a lot of structured and unstructured data. Tegzia helps use every piece of information that matters for successful business operations. Tegzia allows you to have a clear overview of your business operations, forecasts and trends.

Types d'appareil
Date de publication
octobre 1, 2019
  • Données ouvertes
  • analyse
  • visualisation
  • axé sur les données
  • basé sur les données
  • dashboards
  • tableaux, tableaux de bord

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