Façonner le quatrième Plan du Canada pour un gouvernement ouvert

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Merci d’avoir partagé vos idées, vos expériences et vos réflexions sur ce que signifie le gouvernement ouvert pour vous, ce qui fonctionne bien ou non jusqu’à maintenant et la direction que le gouvernement ouvert doit prendre.

Vos commentaires et vos idées ci-dessous nous ont aidés à former les projets d’engagements pour le Plan d’action national pour un gouvernement ouvert 2018-2020.

Pour toutes questions, idées ou opinions sur le gouvernement ouvert, veuillez nous contacter.

Suggested Ideas

This already exists in other democracies.
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Where politicians and the media communicate the loudest, it would be beneficial to the public to be able to hear arguments for governing processes from public servants themselves (anon. optional).
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Appropriate time and resources  to make the lives of the Canadian Veterans who served there country to make Canada a safe and secure place to live.
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The vast northern part of Canada is sparsely populated.  Without those hardy souls who live there we cannot lay claim that the territory is part of Canada.
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when a skilled immigrant come to Canada, the very powerful mental stress he/she need to encounter with, how to do micromanagement of to get-ride-of from his/her mental stress and how to best fit hi/her in Canada
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Need more datasets on the Open governement data website, not less.
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I am not Canadian or the political personality of any country.I am just a common people.But these ordinary people choosing an extraordinary government.And this extraordinary government taking a brave step about open government.So let's greet this step.
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Free Day Care for Children 12mo - 4 years old, which would help parents raise good, responsible and strong children who are the future of the nation.
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Yay Open Government
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