_id Org_ID   Name of the Organization   CR_RE_ID   Name of the Strategic Outcome or Core Responsability   Prog_ID   Name of the Program   Name of the Sub-Program   Name of the Sub-Sub-Program   Description   Government of Canada Spending Areas and Activities   2017-18 Actual Spending   2017-18 Planned Spending   2017-18 Difference (actual minus planned)   Explanation   Version   colspacer
Org_ID Name of the Organization CR_RE_ID Name of the Strategic Outcome or Core Responsability Prog_ID Name of the Program Name of the Sub-Program Name of the Sub-Sub-Program Description Government of Canada Spending Areas and Activities 2017-18 Actual Spending 2017-18 Planned Spending 2017-18 Difference (actual minus planned) Explanation Version