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MAF results please

Hi, I am looking for all of the MAF results by department as well, much like Sheila below. They are not intuitive to find in your current setup. Can I please be directed to where I can best find this information?

Hi Alec,
This is a suggested dataset that is currently under review.

I have sent your message along to the data owner.

Thank you,
Tasha, the Open Government Team

Hi Alec,
The following response has been posted on behalf of the data owner:

“TBS will publish the MAF 2015-16 government-wide results shortly, along with the MAF 2015-16 Government-Wide report. For department-specific results, you need to follow-up with each department.”

Thanks and hope this helps,
Tasha, the Open Government Team

Please be so kind and indicate where MAF 2015-2016 can be found. Thx. h.

Need to see MAF

2016-11-24 14:03