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La base de données des codes postaux relie les codes postaux aux emplacements géographiques exprimés dans une fourchette de coordonnées de longitude et de latitude ou d’adresses.


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Absolument nécessaire pour effectuer des analyses géographiques.

Merci cela est très utile pour générer des cartes state of the art.

Require for research project

How do you obtain this database?

J'ai besoin d'un fichier me permettant de géocoder des CP à travers le Canada...

need a postal code list

Using to map whitespace for a company

avoir les codes postaux suite à un déménagement

Je voudrais avoir la liste des codes postaux au Canada

I need a list of Ontario Postal Codes to create a map.

trying to make a table for verification

I need a list of all postal codes in Saskatchewan. Is this file available?

Need a postal code database

Is there a shapefile available for Postal Codes. I am looking to create a map of Postal code regions in Alberta

Provide dataset for postalcodes

Can I get a list of all 6 digit postal codes with corresponding city for each Canada province. I need this to map our growing Sales organization for sales territories.

Hi.. I am looking for Canada's PostalCode ( ZipCode ) and its Lat Long Value in excel sheet or csv format. Thanks.

looking postal code for ***Personal Information Removed*** Cedar View Place sooke Bc

definitely needed.
I am finding that most mapping software including Google Maps/Earth requires the Long and Lat coordinates.
Having the postal code will not allow be to cluster and map the data points on a map cheaply.

je cherche un code postal

I need to find a Burnaby postal code for cardigan court

I am building an app that helps them find nearby doctors.
Need the database of address so that i can verify the location.

Ontario Adress only

Very Good!

I need this for a website project for address verification

how long this review will take?

Hoping for a complete list

1759 boulevard alexis nihon

Postal code

Need to see deliveries options

I would like to use the data to help users supply our proximity reliant app with location names (providing city/town name or address instead of knowing your postal code)

We would like to use this to help map our growing sales team.

I need this database for locating access to federal offices across Canada!

I need this for a project.

bonjour, est-ce possible de me fournir les villes et villages qui sont rattachés aux codes postaux suivants:?


je cherche un code postal par adresse mais sans succès

I am not a robot I live in coquitlam

need postal codes for passport application

Would be ideal to identify a city from given postal code.

I have been defining Sales territory and customer location using Postal Codes for decades.
I cannot find a better tools to quickly identify where and to whom to redirect a potential customer than using their postal code. The only draw back is to have a valid and complete listing.
If you can provide this, it will be greatly appreciated.

ASP0282 - Required for filtering northern locations susceptible for changes in gravity acceleration.

We need this data to be able to localize our members across Canada.

Please..... :)

Need for logistic plan for our business of gift deliveries across Canada

I need to lookup the city given only a postal code.

Looking to make geographical correlations to a user database

J'ai besoin des codes postaux pour mon travail

I am using for data analysis

I need the data to map the postal code with cities.

postal code for 56 Aquamarine Drive, Stoney Creek,On

2016-11-24 13:58