Régions à risque de foudre

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Environnement Canada


Les données à partir desquelles sont créées les cartes des régions à risque de foudre, soit des fichiers en temps réel ou quasi réel ou un fichier généré contenant les endroits (longitude and latitude) à risque de foudre.



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User comments

I'm looking for raw lightning data (lat/lon of ground strikes) to be used for wildfire source investigations as well as for wildfire prevention.

Hi Rob,
Thank you for your comment. Since this is a suggested dataset and this information has not yet been released as a dataset on our site, I would suggest that you contact Environment and Climate Change Canada at Data-Donnees@ec.gc.ca.

Thank you,
Tasha, the Open Government Team

Rob, do you have found numeric data? (raw lightning data, lat/lon)

2016-11-24 13:52