Liste de villes/cités/municipalités/hameaux ou de SDR au Canada

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Agence du revenu du Canada / Statistique Canada


Une liste de villes/cités/municipalités/hameaux ou de « subdivisions de recensement » (SDR) selon StatCan pour le Canada.


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I'd like to have the official city names for address management.

Need this list for work

I am blind and am working on a text atlas for personal use using laditude and longitude to place cities in order from top left to bottom right so I can relate it to where I live in Ontario Canada

Looking for hamlets since 1984

We contacted Statistics Canada's Geography Division helpline and they said lists of geographic areas are best found in Statistics Canada’s attribute products: GeoSuite
• downloadable version (
• web version (
The easiest way to get a list of CSDs is from the web version. Select the CSDs in the hierarchy chart, and a list of all CSDs appears below the map. That list can be exported if required.

Census has these Geographical names in various products that are already on the Open Gov Portal as well:,
1. Geographical Attribute File has a listing of the geographical areas for Census and their codes.

2. Geographical Boundary Files:

3. Census Profiles: (2016 will be out soon, but here is 2011: )

4. Statistics Canada’s Census website lists place names throughout their products, but here is 2016’s listing:

Hi, we would like to include all Canada cities in a map that come with our new big data tool, therefore we are looking for a complete List of the Canadian Cities and Towns, if possible with linked provinces, postcode areas, latitude-longitude coordinates and more. Thanks

I am looking for find a comprehensive list of all cities/towns/municipalities/hamlets in Canada according to Stats Canada for Canada.

2017-04-10 15:08