Compagnies qui font appel à la sous­traitance

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Liste des compagnies canadiennes qui font appel à des sous-traitants dans d'autres pays.


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This is a huge problem for Canada. Large corporations are now outsourcing jobs that will definitely ruin our economy. I know of a company that has let over 75 employees go in the past year (engineers and draftsmen/women). They are using a company in India and were told that there are 500+ employees that are working for 1/3 what they are. This is going to affect not only our economy, but will trickle down to our colleges and universities - (there will be no need for these occupations if there are no jobs). This needs to stop as it is all to gain more $. US investment groups are opening businesses here because of the exchange rate. This is a serious problem that should not be ignored.

Can you send a list of the companies that engage foreign workers under a Statement of Work relationship to provide their services onshore in Canada

Please i need a list of companies in Canada that recruit staff from other countries to work in Canada

Any chance of getting the list, or has this job been outsourced too?

I want work for canada companies

Wheres the list?
So much for "open government"

Hi Jane,

This is a suggested dataset page. Although a request was submitted to the data owner, the data is currently unavailable until the data owner is ready to release it.


The Open Government team

Any company interested to outsource?

Getting such a list would be very useful!

I need to know if Bell Canada still outsources to other countries

Will be glad to know these companies

Please provide a list of companies in canada that outsource jobs to other countries

I support this!

I would be very interested into such data set.

2013-07-22 10:15