Cartes numériques du Service hydrographique du Canada

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Pêches et Océans Canada


Cartes numériques du Service hydrographique du Canada, qui se présentent en deux formats : cartes électroniques de navigation (CEN) et cartes matricielles.


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User comments

I agree with the comments above. These data should be made available publicly, free of charge, period. CHS is funded by our hard-earned taxes and this investment (it really is one) should translate into meaningfull returns to all of us. Making the charts available online would be one such meaningfull return.

Why are these not free like with NOAA? Open government means open data...these charts are used for safe navigation...why charge for them when we are already taxed ? Tax revenue should cover CHS's costs

I support this initiative as well.

The Notice to Mariners should also be made available.

The file formats, further, should also alignment/be made available should reflect current and future interoperablilty needs within the field/industry of Geomatics.

I agree. Charts should be released

Thank you for your feedback.

We have forwarded your comment to the dataset provider for their possible response.

2016-11-24 13:55