Sondage de suivi de 2012 sur les attitudes touchant le VIH/sida

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Sondage de suivi de 2012 sur les attitudes touchant le VIH/sida
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Again the information in this dataset is useless with a data dictionary. What do variable names mean? What do information within a given variable mean? Sigh.

(The reponse below was posted on behalf of Health Canada)
• We are to provide to the Portal, as additional information, original questionnaires and appropriate coding (manually added to the questionnaires), which will correspond to specific data items for the three existing data sets in question:

(1) Canadians' attitudes toward the Health Care System -
(2) 2012 HIV/AIDS attitudinal tracking survey -
(3) National Anti-Drug Strategy (NADS) Ad recall and tracking survey of youth -
• We've made arrangement with our web publishing team and it is anticipated that the "additional information" (including URLs) will be provided to the Portal by end of next month.
• In the future, we will include "dictionaries" and/or provide other necessary "additional information" for new POR data sets to ensure usability.