Tableau des montants des prestations en fonction de l'état matrimonial du niveau de revenu - Octobre à décembre 2015

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Tableau des montants des prestations en fonction de l'état matrimonial du niveau de revenu - Octobre à décembre 2015
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What the public wants is a single chart that lists what CPP, OAS and GIS will be.
If they know their CPP estimate, surely the other numbers can be provided in clear understandable terms. Combined columns are confusing.

Also, the public needs to know what activites could limit payments. For example, will a delayed pension affect OAS eligibility.

Recently I have encountered elderly persons begging on the street. The gentleman said he receives only $922 per month, which I believe is the wrong amount, and I told him so. The lady told me that she has been denied an OAS pension and cannot live on CPP. These people are being treated unfairly in my view. And cruelly.

I have applied for OAS in January 2017, I have not heard back and don't know what is going on with my application, its been almost eight months. There has been no communication and I don't know how to find out what the amount is.

Hi Edwina,

This comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, including historic statistics on CPP and OAS, but we don't deal with these services directly.

Contact information for CPP and OAS:

Sorry I could not be of more help.


The Open Government team

Very informative

If I am common law with someone for 30 + years would I be entitled to his cpp upon death? or would he entitled to mine?

Lisa, this comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, including historic statistics on CPP, OAS, and EI. We do not deal directly with issues regarding these services. Below is a link to the correct contact. I recommend you call them to have your inquiry addressed more directly.

Contact information for CPP and OAS:

Hope this helps!
Momin, the Open Government team.

What if you have no idea what a CVS is? I just want to to know why I am getting less than the single person allowance and why I am sudden being deducted $100.

Hi Ramona, this comment system leads to the team responsible for transparency and accountability work in the public service. We host datasets and records about many things, including historic statistics on CPP, OAS, and EI. We do not deal directly with issues regarding these services. Below are the contact information for these services, I recommend you reach out to them as they can better address your inquiry.

Contact information for CPP and OAS:

Contact information for EI:

Contact information for Service Canada:

I hope this helps.
Momin, the Open Government team.

Un vrai site de fonctionnaire, faire cela compliquer quand ça peut être simple, impossible de trouver l'hostie de tableau

Bonjour, ca fait six mois que j'essais d'entré dans mon dossier Service Canada avec mon code d'accès (CAP) , toujours impossible , je viens d'avoir 65 ans, j'aurais aimé faire un suivi et je viens de tombé veuf c'est pas un cadeau tab, malheureusement c'est toujours impossible dit entré ( ha le service en ligne c'est pas un cadeau. Merci quand même !!!!!!!!

These data set are very useful. If you know how to use it, you can make sure you receive correct amount of benefit.
Good Job!!!

Hi Ivan, thank you for your feedback! We are glad that this dataset was of good use to you.
Momin, Open Government team.

Absolutely useless! What is being achieved here? Why did this happen?
0 maple leaf

Thanks for your comment, Louise. I am not clear on the specific issue you're identifying here, but generally the problem users seem to have with this page is that it is a dataset designed for processing by software programs.
If you're seeking this information in HTML or PDF, it's available on other web pages:
Hope this is helpful, Karin, the open-ouvert team

When are you going to change it back to the old format??? This format is totally unacceptable.

Il est difficile de s'y retrouver.... hélas

Ancien Tableau était un peu plus facile à déchiffrer, mais devait etre plus complexe pour vous...

This was of no use as all. I am an old guy trying to find out what my income will be. I am not a IT professional that can deal with raw data.

All tables are not readable. I don't believe that professional people created these tables with unclear column name, without proper formatting. Excel is very good and user friendly application, but your professionals did very BAD job. For me as IT professional is so difficult to understand your tables. Maybe you need to provide guidelines to understand them.

can't open the download; why? Why not have the charts available as they were?

Those tables are useless and this site is very badly designed.

Vous avez des plaintes concernant le tableau en format Excell, pourquoi ne pas le fournir en PDF comme
par le passé en attendant la réponse de votre fournisseur.

All I wanted to see is how much I can expect my pension payments to be in year 2020. I have been fiddling around your website for 30 minutes. I keep coming back to same pages that give me no answers at all! How do I know what my QPP contribution was and what was transferred to CPP because I don't reside in Quebec any longer? They told me to contact you

Hi Medolina,

You will want to access your MyServiceCanada account at: to get a CPP statement of contributions.

If you do not wish to do this online, you can request a CPP statement of contributions by mail:

Contributor Client Services
Canada Pension Plan
Service Canada
PO Box 818 Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 2N4

You can then use the Canadian Retirement Income Calculator at

Thanks and I hope this is helpful. Should you have any other questions, you can email us at

-Tasha, the Open Government Team

j,ai exel et j,ai pu enregistre le tout facilement,merci

The old format was comprehensive, easy to navigate and understand and didn't require one to have an outside computer program such as Word. This is confusing, frustrating and all but useless. Some seniors with limited computer savy would be absolutely lost. As it stands I'll be wasting time and taxpayer money by tying up an agent on the phone to provide the simple answers I seek.

A simple tables would have helped all of us to understand the system that you are using.
Your data does not present a clear picture as to what the Government wants us to get as payment.
These presentations are presented to us by HUMANS that are employed by us. They have been there working for us over the years and have done a better job and now has hired experts to confuse us. We want people who can project to us in an easy manner so EVERYONE will understand what you want to tell us.

Hi Prabhakar,

Thank you for your opinion. Comments are monitored daily during the work week and are moderated according to the rules of engagement found at this address (

Best regards, the Open Government Team

Seriously, what a bunch of gibberish. Bureaucracy at it's very worse. Please, above all, do not make this easy
or navigable by ordinary people. At least the last information was understandable. I am angry that this website seems to be set up to confuse, frustrate and not provide people with the information they are trying to understand!.

Hi Odette,
We hear what you're saying, and would like to help you in your search for more information.

To best direct your enquiry, please email us at and we will address your questions/ concerns promptly.

Thank you,
Tasha, the Open Government Team

What was wrong with the 'old' format? Newer is not necessarily better, if you choose a download version instead of providing the rates based on income amounts as you did in the past on this site, you present a whole new set of challenges, for the generations most likely not to be able to navigate the process.
We face constant changes in everything else we deal with everyday. I think a subject as important as our income should not be a test of our computer literacy. I give you a '1' for poor common sense, join the rest of the crowd. whose attitude is, 'they will figure it out'. How useful is that?

Where is the English version???

These datasets are bilingual. Is there something specific you're trying to do that we could ask the data holder to assist you with?
Karin - the open-ouvert team

Can't understand any of it. Totally useless.

Huge and totally useless and unmanageable data sets.

Je suis du même avis que M. ou Mme L.T. Gagné, je suis allé visité votre tableau et ce n'est vraiment pas évident. Merci de prendre le temps de répondre aux commentaires

Je ne suis plus capable de trouver sur internet pour les mois de avril, mai et juin 2016, le document qui avait comme nom "Tableau des montants des prestations en fonction de l’état matrimonial du niveau de revenu Pension de la Sécurité de la vieillesse Supplément de revenu garanti (SRG) Allocation au survivant". Ce document était en PDF. Tout ce que je retrouve est un document en Excel plein de chiffres, de virgules et de guillemets tous collés les uns sur les autres.
Ou est passé le beau document en PDF d'avant qui nous donnait toutes les classes de pensionnés en un seul document ?
Je ne vois pas où réside l'amélioration dans ce nouveau document à comparer avec les Tableaux des mois et années précédentes.
Merci !

Bonjour L.T.,
Nous vous remercions pour votre commentaire. Nous avons envoyé votre question au fournisseur de données. Nous vous répondrons dès que possible.

L'équipe du gouvernement ouvert

Les données ne sont pas bien délimitées. L'emploi de virgules dans les nombres de certaines colonnes sans l'ajout de guillemets rend la séparation par virgules inefficace. Par exemple : l'emploi de l'expression 1,300.22 plutôt que "1,300.22" fait que ce nombre ce retrouve séparé en deux cases lorsque le fichier est lu par Excel ou un autre programme. Il faudrait que toutes les informations soient placées entre guillemets ou qu'un autre séparateur que la virgule soit employé (le point-virgule par exemple).

Bonjour monsieur Genest-Grégoire,

Vous avez complètement raison, l’emploi de virgule sans les guillemets devrait rendre la séparation par virgules inefficaces. Toutefois, nous n’avons pas été capables de recréer votre problème. En effet, avec MS Excel, les cases apparaissent tel que souhaité alors que dans un logiciel tel que Wordpad, les guillemets étaient bien présents.

Merci et bonne journée.