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Thanks for your interest in our Open Government Plan. We do publicise the work we are doing, mainly through the email list that we maintain. All readers with an interest in our Open Government initiatives are more than welcome to subscribe to this list (http://open.canada.ca/en/forms/receive-open-government-email-form). In fact some journalists are following this list and receive our updates. Other tools, including news releases, are also used to reach out to news media to ensure journalists are aware of our plan. Journalists are also among the followers of the Treasury Board Secretariat twitter account, which is often used to publicize Open Government initiatives. In addition, the President of the Treasury Board, the Honourable Tony Clement, regularly communicates directly with media about Open Government.

Regarding the mechanisms that are in place to ask questions, our blog is one platform to do so. We also answer many questions from the emails we receive from Canadians (http://open.canada.ca/en/forms/suggest-dataset). On each dataset we publish there is a section allowing for questions, so most questions asked relate to specific datasets. We also offer the possibility to request a specific dataset.

Regarding the increase in resources, the Government of Canada recently released the Directive on Open Government. This directive mandates departments to open their information by default. Moreover, this directive requires departments and agencies to prioritize the release of datasets by public demand.

Over the next few months, we will work to implement Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government 2014-16. As part of that implementation process, we will consult with Canadians to find out what they want Open Government to look like in Canada – and this could include how we can best respond to questions regarding newly opened data and information. We recognize that giving Canadians the tools, context, and knowledge they need to understand open government information and data is just as important as actually making that information and data open in the first place.

Thanks again for the interest you place in our plan.

The open.canada team.

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