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1. Quote: The Government of Canada will expand the proactive release of information on government activities, programs, policies, and services, making information easier to find, access, and use.

Excellent, love it, at last!

The Government of Canada needs to address:

-Websites do not meet this goal, many are rarely current and google is the best way to find info.
-Records and Document, Correspondence and Contact management do not meet this goal.
-Social media and wikis not even mentioned? Absence in the action plan does not speak to the younger generation and their use of computing
-Really pleased about the digital divide entry; does not go far enough. need to land every Canadian with state of the art technology and services so the small town resident in northern BC develops/gains the same opportunity. Many applications simply wont operate in remote area. Need to land to kiosk based approach so seniors who do not and will never compute gain access easily with assistance, since increasingly electronic communication is the only means of contact with your government.
-Telephone numbers: should be mandatory on all government web sites, sometimes absent, as it the ability to email the department.

2. Add standard information architecture for government records and documents, to enable efficient and effectiveness; the elephant in the room.



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